Who’s Nick Clegg?

The UK election is on May 6, and for the first time voters will get the chance to watch the main party leaders in live television debates. (There have been no ‘presidential’ debates before because this is a parliamentary democracy and voters do not get to choose directly between the leaders. Also, those in power recognized they had more to lose than to gain from such debates.)

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, seized the advantage in the first of these television debates (the third party is frequently squeezed out of debates in parliament, böcek ilaçlama istanbul with its adversarial system). The Economist analyzes Nick Clegg’s standing in Europe, and whether Britain is ready for consensual coalition government:

Nick Clegg is a bit of a Brussels local hero, having worked for the European Commission before serving one term as a member of the European Parliament. It also helps that he is multi-lingual, comes from a multi-national background and his party is as pro-EU as it gets in British politics.


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