UK election not decisive

With some results still to be declared, the UK election has not produced a clear winner. It’s easier to say who lost.

The governing Labour party lost because it no longer has a mandate to continue. The opposition Conservative party lost because by its own support for the existing voting system, it did not secure a clear majority in the House of Commons. And the Liberal Democrats did not achieve the anticipated surge in the popular vote, and even lost some seats.

According to constitutional convention (though the UK does not have a written constitution), the Labour government can remain in power while it tries to form a workable majority in the House of Commons. The BBC discusses the possible next moves. The Economist asks who runs Britain?

Looking further ahead, the issue of electoral reform is now on the agenda. Nationality may also come to matter more, since the böcek ilaçlaması Conservative party’s English majority is not reflected in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Some English constitutencies offered the bewildering sight of a United Kingdom Independence Party candidate competing with the British National Party and the English Democrats. Add to this the Scottish, Welsh, Irish and Cornish nationalists and a confusing map of a fragmented nation emerges.


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