Quality of life? Live in middle Europe

According to Mercer’s annual quality of living survey, reported in Forbes, middle European cities top the world rankings for quality of life.

Top of the table, for the second year running, is Austrian capital Vienna, followed by Zurich and Geneva, both in Switzerland.

Of the world’s top ten cities, seven are in Europe (Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Munich from Germany are followed by Bern from Switzerland). Of the top 50 cities, over half (26) are in Europe.


One Reply to “Quality of life? Live in middle Europe”

  1. I was JUST in Vienna and can wholeheartedly confirm that theirs is a wonderful way of life. Vienna’s streets are clean and safe, its individual purchasing power appears strong, it hosts plenty of things to do, and its highly cultured people (probably due to the city’s rich heritage and the country’s excellent public education system) seem to always be up for lively, knowledgeable conversation.
    Based on what I experienced in Vienna, and what I’ve read thus far, I’d say that there are a few things an American public relations professional should immediately consider when planning a campaign in Vienna. For one, though the Viennese are, to a significant degree, individualistic, they are much more collectivist than their American counterparts. Hence, PR professionals should strive to temper any potentially individualistic rhetoric through a collectivist frame. Also, as in other EU countries, Austria’s people tend to walk and use public transportation many fold more than their American counterparts. This means that PR professionals should consider targeting a different mix of media than they might target in the states.
    Anyways, I realize our blog posts aren’t due for a while. I just thought I’d comment on a post that caught my attention. I look forward to seeing everyone in Bologna! – Jude C.

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