Because it’s worth it

Toni Muzi Falconi meets our class

These are challenging times for practitioners in the public and private sectors – but there are opportunities too.

In speaking about the drive towards the Stockholm Accords, Toni Muzi Falconi described this as part of ‘a long-awaited public relations program for PR’. His bold claim? ‘This is the first profession in the world to attempt such a global program with short and simple performance indicators’.

Clearly, in recessionary times, proving the value of a professional service is essential and the Stockholm Accords address the need for public relations to prove its value. Hence the managerial language. (For a more detailed discussion of where to make the cuts – or how to defend against them – see Heather Yaxley’s post at PR Conversations and the resulting comments.)

Providing a text that resonates around the world and reconciling the different perspectives of academics, practitioners and critics is another major challenge. But who better to attempt this than a half-Irish Italian PR practitioner (with half a century of experience) who teaches in New York and who seems to know everyone in our [strike out: industry] profession?

Thank you, Toni, and good luck!


One Reply to “Because it’s worth it”

  1. dear Richard, Gail and sudent friends,

    It was a memorable experience for me yesterday and I am grafeul for your attention.

    You many remarks and comments stimulated many thoughts along the final road to the Accords final text.

    While we were speaking, many many other comments floated into my mail and I suppose this will continue to happen until tuesday lunch when the chair of the GA will need to have something to read and submito for approval.

    I have also been warned that colleagues from PRINZ, the new zealans associatin, will pile on my lap in Stockholm post-its from their annual conference with tens fo suggestions.

    Overwhelmed as one could say, intrigued by the sharpness of your minds and grateful for your kindness.
    I am sure you will enjoy your Bologna seminar and make the most of the excellent competencies and skills of your professors.


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