Best evidence PR works


How do you design a successful PR campaign?

Ever wonder whether PR really changes behavior or whether it’s just the domain of sophists exaggerating correlations between promotion and behavior change?

Does PR actually work?

Jury’s out folks. Deal is sealed. We have an answer: yes. Evidence?

Picture the scene: The food capital of Italy; the food capital of Europe. Two weeks of sunshine, sangria and…Well, that’s enough, no? Point is: Bologna has it all for the adventurist decadent tourist. Or grad students, in the case of my Johns Hopkins Graduate Communication class.

But sometimes – like here – marketing is stronger than content; PR works. I know this how? 


Several of my colleagues are interested in the possible distinctions between the cooked up trash available in DC and its variant in Europe’s food capital. Take a breath – wtf? – why? Missing Mackie Dee’s!?

In fairness, no one said quite that. Suggested instead: “There’s just something”…Another: “The Golden Arches have a subconscious association with breasts”.

Whatever folks – there’s something happening here and it ain’t the big Macs’ quality.

Napoleon failed. Hitler? Conquered by the Russian winter. RonMcDon? Stormed Moscow easily.

Bologna? Easy, by comparison: PR works.


 – Ruarai


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