“The road to success is always under construction” – Lily Tomlin.

In my case the road is not only under construction, but the name of it and its end destination are changing, too.

About four days ago two of my roommates and I decided to people watch at Piazza Maggiore. I stretched my legs, took a sip from my beer, and saw a young couple dancing in the square. For the first time in a long time I was able to clear my head, absorb my surroundings, and think.

Engaging in conversation and sharing perspectives with people in this class has made me re-evaluate what it means to achieve success – something I was starting to do before coming on this trip while reading Robins and Wilner’s Quarterlife Crisis.

It’s about the identity crisis that people in their twenties experience when transitioning from being college students to becoming “professionals.” The book  coupled with this experience has made me ask, What is meant by a “good” job?  By what measures do I define success?

You may wonder how this ties into Communication or this class. We as students range in age from 23 to 38. Some of us have our own business, some of us work for someone else, and some of us  don’t work at all. Does being successful mean that we use the skills we gain from this program to work for a lucrative PR agency? Are we successful if we use our skills for an unselfish, low-paying, but highly rewarding job? Why is success automatically equated with one’s occupation? Success is subjective and each person’s road varies. It will be interesting to see where ours leads.

-Abby Crim

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One Reply to “Success…(?)”

  1. I think success and occupation are related, since one’s occupation occupies (and hence the name) a large portion of one’s lifetime. Hence, I would imagine it quite difficult for one to lead a happy life if one’s occupation was a constant source of dissatisfaction. My premise here is that success can more-or-less be equated to happiness.
    – Munis

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