This is a class blog for the postgraduate European public relations and public affairs course at Johns Hopkins University in Bologna from June 7 to June 18 2010.

The instructor is Richard Bailey, an experienced public relations educator who has taught the subject at undergraduate and postgraduate level for UK and international universities, and who also teaches on CIPR professional qualifications and is a professional trainer. His practitioner experience was in magazine journalism (London and New York), PR consultancy and public relations management for companies in the science and technology sectors.

This page contains links to the course syllabus, PowerPoint slides, assessment groups and other course information.

The trip assistant is Gail Simmons, a travel journalist who writes for national and international publications who has for several years led walking groups in Italy and elsewhere.

Richard and Gail now have Italian cellphone numbers so can be contacted during the duration of the course. They are:

Richard (+39) 336 446 0720

Gail (+39) 366 288 1684

Remember, if you are calling from within Italy using an Italian SIM card you don’t need to dial the 39 prefix, and in Italy cell phone numbers don’t have an initial zero. If you are calling from your US phone, using your US SIM card, then you also need to dial the +/00 39.

Our theme photo is of Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, with thanks to Stefano Liboni (and Creative Commons).


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