Global standards, local networks

In conference at Edelman

We received a warm and professional welcome at Edelman’s Milan office on Friday.

The visit showed the strength of global systems and standards, driven from the US. We saw something of the complex map of Europe – many countries, many languages, a network combining wholly-owned businesses and affiliates and a blurring of regional boundaries (at one point, I noted Greece linked with countries of the Middle East).

We looked at different models of communications coordination across Europe designed to suit a client’s best interests and avoid duplication and conflict.

We discussed the role of the public relations consultant and considered the enduring place of media relations in the public relations toolkit.

We also gained an insight into some Italian assets. Client relationships appeared exceptionally long-lasting, and Italy’s strength in areas like design, food and fashion were apparent.

Milan makes a statement. It’s a historic city that remains an important commercial centre – and one of Europe’s grandest cities. We noted the willingness of people on the street to help us find our way, switching easily into English to do so.

– Richard


Travel plans for Milan on Friday

Frecciarossa at Milan station

We’re travelling to Milan on the new high speed train (called Frecciarossa – or red arrow). It’s very fast (just over an hour) but more expensive than the slower local trains (up to 3 hours).

For this train you need to book your tickets in advance because it may be fully booked at the start of the weekend.

We’re catching the 09.40 train (arriving in Milan at 10.45). The cost of a one-way ticket is 41 euros.

On the return journey you can pay less for the slower trains or book onto the fast train at the same price – but you will have to specify your return train if your’re travelling on the Frecciarossa because of the need for a reservation.

We can help with ticket purchases at the Stazione Centrale at 18.00 (6pm) Wednesday: you can meet us in the middle of the main concourse of the station. Before this, you should check the TrenItalia website to check your preferred return times.

Photo by tomazstolfa on Flickr (Creative Commons)

Visit to Edelman’s Milan office confirmed for June 11

We’re visiting the Milan office of international PR consultancy Edelman on the morning of Friday June 11th.

This will be your chance to consider the role of public relations consultants working for international clients; to discuss various models for managing PR across Europe; and to talk further about PR in Italy.

Milan is Italy’s commercial capital, but Edelman has another Italian office in Rome. As you might be able to read from the attached advertisement, the firm has been in Milan longer than it’s been in Rome.

You’ll be free from 1pm to spend time in Milan, to travel onwards to other northern Italian cities (I recommend Turin, Verona and, of course, Venice), or to return to Bologna for the weekend.