My Fantastic First Class Voyage on Lufthansa

The anticipation for my two-week trip to Bologna, Italy had been building at a steady pace as I came closer to my June 4th departure day. This trip had been a culmination of sorts. As a longtime and loyal American Express cardholder, I racked up enough points in their membership rewards program to qualify for a first class roundtrip international ticket on Lufthansa Airlines.

When I entered the Lufthansa Senator Lounge at Dulles International Airport, my fantastic voyage officially began. There was a delicious complimentary spread of hot and cold foods, a variety of beverages, free Wi-Fi and flat screen plasma TVs. As I boarded the plane through the lounge, I was wowed by not only the layout of the first class cabin but by how wonderful and attentive the flight attendants were.

My seat, which converted into a bed, was wide and spacious. As soon as we were airborne, I received a personalized menu that was prepared by the chef at the San Francisco Ritz-Carlton. As I ate caviar and drank a glass of champagne, I marveled at my good fortune. Before each delectable course, I was given a warm hand towel and the flight attendant expertly anticipated my needs by bringing each course to me at just the right time. In my armrest were pajamas, socks, slippers, pajamas, an eye mask and a toiletries kit. After the flight attendant laid a warm blanket on me, I watched “Up In the Air” and then drifted off into a blissful sleep.

Morris and Goldsworthy (2008) defined PR as a way of “getting someone else independently to say you are good.” Lufthansa has achieved that goal. Although I am having an amazing time in Bologna, I do look forward to the return flight home just to experience first class one more time, Lufthansa style.

– Kelly A. Campbell