Getting around, and trips from Bologna


ATC: Bologna local transport (including airport shuttle)

Trenitalia: Italian train timetable

Trips from Bologna

Bologna is a great rail hub, and most of northern and central Italy’s major cities are within easy reach. The travel timings given are approximate, and based on the fastest  (and therefore the most expensive) trains from Bologna. In most cases there are also cheaper (and slower) trains.

Turin: One of the finest cities in northern Italy, with views to the Alps (2 hrs)

Milan: The ‘capital’ of northern Italy – a shopping and business centre (1 hr)

Verona: Romantic city – the setting for Romeo and Juliet, with Roman amphitheatre (1.5 hrs)

Venice: ‘La Serenissima’ – simply a must-see before you die (1.5 hrs)

Padua: Picturesque historic city with Giotto frescoes (1 hr)

Parma: One of the world’s oldest universities, and home of Parma ham and Parmesan cheese (1 hr)

Modena: Impressive Romanesque cathedral in historic city, and home to luxury sports cars (30 mins)

Ferrara: Perfectly preserved medieval city, a UNESCO World Heritage site (30 mins)

Ravenna: Capital of the Western Roman Empire from 402 till 476 AD, amazing Byzantine mosaics (1.20 hrs)

Rimini: Elegant city on the Adriatic sea, with good beach (1 hr)

Florence: La Città d’Arte (city of art). Very easy to reach from Bologna (30 mins)

Lucca: Walled Tuscan town, a medieval gem (2.15 hrs)

Pisa: The leaning tower, of course (2.15 hrs)

Siena: The most perfect and complete medieval city in Italy (2.5 hrs)

Rome: Perhaps the most beautiful capital city in the world (2 hrs)


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